Used & Demo Equipment

Prices are in Canadian dollars  (Deduct 25% for approx US dollar cost)

  Altinex DA1206RM 1: 6 RGBS video distribution amp 99.00  

Alesis D4 drum machine 159.00  
Allen & Heath GL2000  16 channel   16 mic/line channels plus 2 stereo channels.   Road case is included 695.00
  Aphex 104 Type C  aural exciter 95.00  
  ART SGE Mach II Effects processor 79.00  
  ART SGX Nightbass  Bass Effects processor 195.00  
Audio Logic D11 room delay line  (1 in/1 out) 49.00  

Audio Technica AT2035 microphone 169.00

Behringer Composer MDX2100 compressor/limiter 69.00  
Behringer Multicom Pro MDX4400 4 channel compressor 99.00  
Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1602 16 channel line level mixer 129.00  
  Behringer Ultracurve  DSP8000 235.00  
Behringer Ultragain Pro-8 Digital ADA8000 8-Channel A/D & D/A Converter with Premium Mic Preamplifiers and ADAT Interface 149.00  
Behringer Ultralink MX662   splitter mixer 49.00  

Custom road case with casters 

External dimensions 44"H X 44" W x 28" D


DBX 1215 dual 15 band equalizer 195.00
DBX 266XS dual compressor gate (silver face) 129.00  
Denon DN-610F CD/cassette player combo (rack mount) 99.00

Denon DN-C615 rack mount CD player 195.00
Denon DCM-280 5 disc CD player 95.00
ECM 3U road case rack 
ECM 4U road case rack 

Gator GRC-10X6    ATA Molded PE Slant Top Console Rack; 10U Top; 6U Bottom 195.00  

HHB CDR800 CD recorder 350.00  

Klark Teknik DN-410 dual channel 5 band parametric equalizer 420.00
Lexicon MX200 digital effect processor 229.00


Mackie D8B digital console w/(1) D I/O-8 cardComplete with mouse & keyboard 495.00

Showroom demo Reduced

Osram ENH 54986 250W 120V GY5.3 / 2-PIN CLEAR MR16 Halogen bulb

Equipment Using this bulb:American DJ  Mega-Brite & Micro-Brite, Martin Robocolor ENH & Roboscan 250W ENH



Panasonic ET-ACF100 Filter For PT-D6000, PT-DW6300, PT-DZ6700 And PT-DZ6710

Panasonic ET-ACF100 projector filter

Compatible projectors: PT-D6000, PT-DW6300, PT-DZ6700 and PT-DZ6710


Panasonic ET-DLE300  3.7 - 5.7:1 projector zoom lens

Compatible projectors: PT-AE1000(E), PT-D3500, PT-D4000E & U, PT-D5500U & UL, PT-D5600U & UL, PT-D5700U & UL, PT-DW5000, PT-DW5100U & UL


Panasonic ET-LAD57 original replacement lamp for Panasonic ET-LAD57 & PT-DW5100 projectors 299.00

Panasonic ET-PKF100S projector ceiling mount 

(projector not included)

Compatible with PT-F & FW 100, 200, 300 series projectors


Panasonic ET-PKF110H projector high ceiling mount 

(projector not included)

Use with PT-FW430 & PT-FX400 Series Projectors

  Peavey Q131 31 band equalizer  89.00  

Pioneer S-Z9 3-way monitor speakers (designed by KEF) 500.00 (pair) excellent condition

Plantronics PV-6A electronic hook switch cable

Supported phones: Avaya 1608, 1616, 9620, 9630, 9640, 9650, 9670, 1408, 1416, 2410, 4630, 5410, 6416D+M, 6424D+M,

29.00 12 in stock

Polycom Soundstation Premier conference phone (model 2201-05200-001) 195.00  

Polycom VTX-1000 w/remote microphones & sub woofer 995.00  
Rean 48 point 1/4" patch bay 59.00

Rode K2 variable pattern dual diaphragm tube condenser microphone 779.00

Rode NT1000 large diaphragm studio condenser microphone 395.00

Rolls MM11 Mic Mute box 50.00  
Sabine FBX900 Feedback Eliminator 95.00   

Samson S-Monitor headphone amp 45.00  

Shure MX412 D/C podium mic with base & programmable on/off switch 259.00 

Reduced $199.00 each 


Shure PG81 pencil condenser microphone  - 2 pieces 99.00

Reduced $89.00 each 


  SKB 3U Shallow Rack 80.00  
  Sony WRU-801A/68  UHF Tuner module 49.00


Teac AD-600 3 CD/cassette deck combo player 99.00
Telex Spinwise 3/40H 3 bay CD duplicator with Hard Drive 475.00
Telex Spinwise DVD/CD 5 disc duplicator (80GbHD) 850.00

TOA D-901 digital module rack mount mixer with four D-922E dual mic input modules, two D-936R stereo line input modules, two D-971E four channel output modules & one D-981 remote control module 2799.00

Yorkville C120P Coliseum Mini Series powered speaker 95.00 each

2 pieces

HST or GST are additional where applicable